Devil's chimney at Leckhampton Hill near Cheltenham


The geology of the Cotswolds is so special that a swathe of land almost 60 miles long has been designated as the “Cotswold Hills Geopark”. A geopark is an area of diverse and significant geology which contains accessible sites and actively promotes them to the community and to tourists. 

The boundaries of the Cotswold Hills Geopark stretch between Stroud, Cirencester and Stow-on-the-Wold. They were selected by the Geopark Partnershipas representing the best of the geology of the area, and being an area of managable proportions.

The most important aim for the Cotswold Hills Geopark is to win recognition for the area as one of outstanding geodiversity which has strongly influenced the history and heritage of the area. This can be seen in the rolling hills perfect for rearing the famous 'Cotswold Lion' sheep, which led to prsperity for the local wool towns in the midle ages; in the typical honey coloured buildings and dry stone walls of the Cotswolds, built using local stone, and; the importance of the area to science and Jurassic stratigraphy.

The Geopark also provides an opportunity to become involved in wider initiatives that will attract more tourists to the Cotswolds.

The Geopark brings strong new impetus to a cause that is supported by local authorities and voluntary organisations as well as Cotswolds industries ranging from tourism to quarrying.

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